In the vibrant culinary landscape of Durham, North Carolina, a new maestro has taken center stage at the 21c Museum Hotel’s Counting House. We are thrilled to introduce Chef Stephanie Klos, whose culinary journey from the Gulf Coast to the American South brings a unique coastal flair and a deep affinity for seafood to the heart of Durham.

Stephanie’s roots trace back to the sun-soaked shores of Sarasota, Florida, where her culinary adventure began. Over a 25-year career winding through the Gulf Coast and the American South, Chef Stephanie Klos has cultivated a culinary style that seamlessly blends her coastal upbringing with a passion for exceptional-quality seafood.

With a degree in art history, Chef Stephanie’s arrival at 21c Museum Hotel Durham’s Counting House is a serendipitous melding of artistry. Her culinary creations are not just dishes; they are works of art that delight the senses and tell a story of the coastal culinary depth across the Carolinas.

Stephanie’s spirited menu at Counting House reflects her irreverent approach to seafood. She makes exceptional-quality seafood approachable to all, infusing delightful flavor profiles and playful interpretations. Diners can expect tongue-in-cheek additions like “Calabash-Fried Chicken Oysters” and a “Crispy Oyster Mushroom” that coexist harmoniously with whole roasted Branzino and perfectly pan-seared scallops.

A notable aspect of Stephanie’s culinary philosophy is her emphasis on local purveyors and North Carolina-sourced seafood. This commitment not only honors the rich coastal culinary traditions of the region but also reflects a soulful reverence and appreciation for the ingredients that define the Carolinas.

Stephanie attributes her bold experimentation with flavors to her exposure to cultural diversity in various restaurant kitchens. Her mantra is to keep things “simple, but amazing,” a guiding principle that permeates every dish that graces the tables at Counting House.

“I like to layer flavors and show off a lot of attitude,” says Klos. “We want our food to be soul-nourishing and to pay homage to North Carolina in our own, playful way. We will capitalize on our rich seafood while doing it in our own style, making it accessible to everyone and encouraging them to try a lot of different things.”

The introduction of Chef Stephanie Klos has not gone unnoticed, and the culinary community is abuzz with excitement. Counting House Restaurant at 21c Museum Hotel Durham, in an article featured on FSR Magazine, proudly announced Stephanie Klos as the Executive Chef. The article highlights her culinary expertise and the innovative direction she is steering the restaurant towards.

For those eager to experience Chef Stephanie’s culinary magic, a visit to the Counting House website provides a glimpse into the artful world she has created. The restaurant’s online presence showcases the menu’s diversity, revealing a thoughtful selection that combines tradition with contemporary flair.

As Chef Stephanie Klos takes the helm at @CountingHouseNC, her culinary artistry promises to captivate Durham’s food enthusiasts. The playful yet soul-nourishing approach to seafood, the homage to local purveyors, and the infusion of attitude into every dish set Counting House apart as a culinary destination.

For those who seek an extraordinary dining experience that celebrates the coastal depths and North Carolina’s rich culinary heritage, a reservation at Counting House under Chef Stephanie Klos is a journey worth undertaking. Join her as she brings the flavors of the Gulf Coast to the heart of Durham, inviting diners to savor the essence of the sea in every delectable bite.

Stephanie Klos is not just a chef; she is a culinary storyteller, and at Counting House, her tales unfold on the plate, inviting guests to embark on a gastronomic adventure that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.